Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's Never Too Late to Blog Hop!

Please do not judge me!!! I had every intention of Blog Hoppin' every night this week, but by the time I got home, worked on a few things from school, and actually sat down, I was down-right exhausted! I actually cried to my sweet, sweet husband about not having time to blog. Pathetic, right?

Anyways, here is what I wanted to say last week!

Meet the Teacher Monday

My name is Sarah and this is the start of my 4th year! I taught first grade for 3 wonderful years and have just started teaching second grade! I am truly excited about teaching second grade and know it is going to be wonderful too! I always knew I wanted to be a teacher and am so blessed to do what I love and get paid! I had a great week with the kiddos and love the fact that I was able to move up with a few friends from last year! One of my sweet kids (who was also in my first grade class) asked me if I'd teach college to him someday!

Teacher Talk Tuesday

On Tuesday I was supposed to give some teacherly advice to new teachers. My little sister (who isn't little anymore...) is actually student teaching this fall. Here are a few things I've told her...

1. Don't stay at school too late! You have to go home and relax! You'll be a much better teacher the next day! (I really should have told myself this last week...I'm sure you all understand!)

2. Classroom management is key! You need to take tons of time the first few weeks of school "training" the kids on your expectations. Keep reminding them throughout the school year.

3. Ask for help!

4. Communicate with parents, especially the good things their kiddos are doing!!

5. Have fun and enjoy your day with the kids! Don't get too caught up in staying on a perfect schedule. Relax and take time to know them.

Where it All Goes Down Wednesday

The move to second grade meant moving to a new, much smaller classroom. I had to do something to make the room my own! I've always wanted to have a themed classroom, so this year I went for it with a cowboy and western themed room! Unfortunately, my camera is still at school! I'll have pictures later!!

Three for Thursday

Here are three of my favorite teaching things...

Favorite Font- This is a hard one! Pretty much everything I've made this year has been "Doodle Basic". It is easy to read and dang cute!

Favorite Blog-This is such a hard favorite to pick! I am so in love with all teacher blogs! If I HAD to pick one, I'd probably go with  The First Grade Parade. She really inspired me to start blogging!

Favorite Online Resource: Can I choose a blog for this?!? I love looking at teacher blogs as a resource because they are teacher-approved. Another resource I love is Smart Exchange. It's a great place to find smartboard lessons and you can search by state standards! Love it!

TGIF: Free for All Friday

One of the many things I love about teacher blogs is the sharing of free resources! Thanks to everyone who openly share the amazing things they've made! Here is the chart I'm using for Daily 5 Choices. Miss Griffin originally had the idea of using clothespins to show the kiddos' choice. I just added clip art (courtesy of Just So Scrappy) to tie it to my western theme. Enjoy!

Thanks for checking out my new blog! Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!


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  1. Better late than never! {I didn't even do teacher week haha whoops}. Thanks for sharing your new blog with us! :)

    Miss Kindergarten