Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A New Year = A New Grade!

Hello friends!

The summer has gone by waaayyyy too fast! It seems like the days of lounging around the house in my pajamas until noon(ish), being sucked in to daytime TV and cuddling with my sweet dog are about over! Although I am sad to see summer end, I am super excited about my new blog and year in second grade!!

For those of you who are in LOVE with all the amazing first grade blogs, you may remember me from A Burst of First. I was so happy as a first grade teacher! I had a great team, especially Miss Griffin at Fantastic First, and was fairly confidant that I'd be teaching first grade again! Well, as things typically go, things changed a few weeks before school was over and I was moved up to second grade! As much as I loved first grade, I am super excited about teaching second grade! I have a wonderful new team and luckily last year's kiddos were really great! I think it's going to be an awesome year!

Since I'm not doing the first grade thing anymore, I figured a new blog was a must have! After many, many, MANY discussions about a new blog name, I think I've finally found what I want to do. The hope for this blog is to share what's going on in my classroom, as well as share ideas of things that work for me. I love what other bloggers contribute and am very thankful for their extra resources. Hopefully I'll have some stuff to share here and bring some more ideas into the second grade blog world! Stay tuned for some classroom pictures of my new space in A108!


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  1. Enjoy 2nd grade. I taught it for years before moving to 3rd recently.


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