Saturday, September 3, 2011

Classroom Pictures...Finally

It's another weekend and I'm finally having time to get on this ol' blog! I'm so glad I remembered to bring my camera home this weekend to upload my pictures. So...Here's where it all goes down!

This is what the kiddos see before they enter the room. I took pictures of the kids wearing cowboy hats to go with our theme. I'm going to put their pictures on the board and have them pop out in 3D. "Learning in 3D"  is the school's theme for the year and I had to find a way to tie my western theme with it!

This is the library and by far, my favorite part of the classroom! I've always wanted an organized library complete with themed book boxes, but never got around to it! The kids love this space too and the labeled book boxes make it really easy for the kids to find their "Good Fit" book for Daily 5 time.

This is my math area. When I took the picture we were just getting started. I've since added a few more posters/anchor charts for the kids to refer to. That is also my small group table for any subject I need it for. We've been spending tons of math time there trying to get my kids on track for the much harder second grade math!!

Here is the focus wall, word wall, Daily 5 activities and math games. I bought the 2 brown carts from Sams for a whopping $30 each! I am so in love with them and can't wait to have all the materials for each math subject we're learning this year! So far, only 2 tubs are full!

Here is the writing area. I found the "Write 'em cowboy" quote somewhere online and loved it!! Thanks to it's original owner for sharing! I love watching the kids finally get it. One day one of the sweet kiddos said, "OH! Like RIDE 'em a horse!" Underneath the quote is a small book shelf with stationary, fun paper, smelly markers, writing prompts and a class list with every one's name.

Here's a view of the front of my room. Don't you love the rug? My principal surprised second grade this year by buying us rugs! One of my big worries about teaching second grade was the lack of a rug for the kids to sit at. I love having my kids up close when I'm teaching and that floor is too dang hard for that! Here is our calendar area and large white board area. Most of the time I teach with my easel  which sits next to the most comfortable rocking chair ever! Thanks Aunt Kaye!

Here's the back of my room. I love the windows because it gives so much light! I originally wanted to keep the blinds up but around 1:00 it is too hot! I know my Texas friends understand that one. They will have to stay down so I'll probably use clothespins to hang more anchor charts! I also love that I have 6 student computer stations. They are used daily for math practice and will eventually be used for "Listen to Reading" during our Daily 5 time. 

And Here's the last thing the kids see each day! I hope you guys do what the words say and come back!!

Thanks for looking at my home away from home! I was really having a hard time "bonding" with the much smaller classroom, so I had to make it my own!

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